Plant a Tree

As symbols of the park district’s long-term stability and growth, trees are also vitally important to the environment and our community’s physical and mental health. They provide clean air, wildlife habitat and beautiful forests for everyone to enjoy. For these reasons and more, Summit Metro Parks is celebrating its centennial by reforesting 100 acres in 2021!

Two girls planting a tree and a fall scene in polaroids

Plant a Heritage Tree at your home, school or business

Planting trees outside of the parks is important, too! Heritage Trees are available in several special species found in the Metro Parks. Check the Program & Events Calendar for tree distribution events or contact Biologist Chris Chaney to arrange a pickup for your school, business or other large group. View planting instructions and additional details about each tree species.

Programs & Events

Want to plant a Centennial Tree?

Volunteer at a Centennial Grove planting (Now Closed)

Volunteer planting opportunities are available for individuals, families and groups throughout the centennial year. Planting events will be listed here as they are scheduled and you can join the registry to be the first to know!


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